Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Going Virtual' mean?
Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we've decided to hold the entire Writers' Weekend online using video-conference software. Our speakers will present their talks, workshops, readings and one-to-ones via their personal computers and video-conference software that we have carefully chosen for its ease-of-use.
How much does it cost to attend?

We have made the exciting decision to deliver the Writers’ Weekend in a virtual format!  New package prices are on the Packages and Booking page of this website.

Will it be interactive?

Yes! Those attending a Talk or Keynote live can ask questions afterward. One-to-ones will still be held face-to-face, but on a computer screen instead of in-person, just like Zoom or Skype or FaceTime.

We will also have 'Group Chat Rooms' that are set up by genre or interest. You can join any room you like to discuss your common interests or pose questions. We will be encouraging agents and editors to dip in to the networking rooms for discussion, too!

Open Mics will have an even broader reach! Now you can read your work to an international audience! Viewers can relax with a drink and enjoy a wide variety of readings and show their appreciation with virtual 'claps'.

Writers' Circles are virtual interactive writing groups of up to six people. We make it easy to share work and give and receive peer feedback and the Writers' Circles will have a dedicated HelpDesk contact for any questions.

All aspects of the Writers' Weekend will be monitored and moderated to ensure that the programme flows smoothly and we will have a 'helpdesk' available if you have any trouble.
What is a one-to-one?

When you purchase a Weekend, Saturday, Sunday, or Writers’ Circle package, you receive virtual one-to-ones with literary agents, commissioning editors or an author mentor of your choice for supportive editorial feedback. Writers that feel ready can pitch their work and may receive a request to see a full manuscript!  

Appointments are fifteen minutes long, with an additional five-minute buffer to get settled.  You are asked to upload your submission into our online system for the agents/editors to read and make notes in preparation for your one-to-one.

This golden opportunity to meet ‘face-to-face’ with an agent can be nerve-wracking, but see it as a business meeting.  Agents and editors may be looking for specific things and if you receive lukewarm feedback, consider it a learning experience.  It is only one person’s opinion, after all.

If you aren’t ready to pitch your work, you may choose to meet with one of our friendly and supportive author mentors who will give you editorial feedback on your submission.  Most one-to-ones with our author mentors are 30 minutes long and count as one one-to-one.

If you purchase the Weekend, Saturday or Sunday package, you’re also eligible to take advantage of Reedsy’s FREE, no-obligation 30 minute one-to-one editorial feedback sessions with a professional Reedsy editor.  For details, visit the Exhibitor page and read about the editors giving appointments on the Expo Speakers tab of the Speakers page.

What type of computer set-up do I need?

The beauty of the software that we've chosen is that it doesn't need to be downloaded onto your computer. But you do need internet access. You can use a computer, tablet or smart-phone. To be interactive, you'll need a webcam, which most laptops have, and we recommend earbuds or headphones with a built-in mic to reduce feedback and ensure that we can hear you!

We will post a list shortly of what you need to get the full virtual experience.

What if I want to buy a book or get an autograph?

Instead of our Book Fair, there will be an online Expo which will have links to P&G Wells booksellers to purchase books, self-publishers, a literary gift stand, and more. There will even be times in which you can chat online to representatives of each company! Authors will be sending autographed bookplates that will be inserted into books sold by P&G Wells.
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