Writing a novel?  Struggling to edit your manuscript?  Interested in developing a plot line? Eager to find an agent or publisher? 
The Virtual Writers’ Weekend is for writers working at all levels and in every genre who want to improve their writing, get their manuscript published, and network with agents, published authors, and other writers. 

The Virtual Writers’ Weekend is not just another Zoom call.
It’s so much more. 

We have invested in easy-to-use virtual-conference and Braindate software to create a fully interactive programme, where you can:
  • Discuss your writing in workshops
  • Ask questions after keynotes, talks and readings, and
  • Receive feedback one-to-one with literary agents and in small-group peer-to-peer feedback Writers’ Circles
  • Connect with others to discuss topics that you feel passionate about in virtual Braindates

Also, attendees can read to an international audience at the Open Mics and submit your first 1000 words for a Pitching Panel. Writers will serve as moderators in every group room to curate questions and encourage engagement and our friendly Helpdesk will be open all weekend to answer your questions and assist you.  Our goal is to provide inspiration, education and interaction to help you kickstart your writing after a difficult Spring, and achieve your writing goals.

Packages are designed to allow you to engage as much as you like, from simply viewing selected sessions, to fully participating in everything the weekend has to offer.  You can choose to purchase up to five one-to-one appointments with literary agents, commissioning editors and author mentors, but they are not included in the package, providing flexibility with your booking.  Check out the programme.  

Eoin Colfer and Lissa Evans announced as Keynote Speakers
for the inaugural Writers’ Weekend

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Eoin Colfer is the author of the internationally bestselling  Artemis Fowl books. Kenneth Branagh directed the movie version for Disney, which was recently released on Disney+. Eoin’s books have won numerous awards including The UK Children’s Book of the Year, The Irish Children’s Book of the Year, and The German Children’s Book of the Year. The BBC made a hit series based on his book Half Moon Investigations
Eoin also writes crime novels featuring Irish bouncer Daniel McEvoy. He has just finished a two-year term as Ireland’s Children’s Laureate, and was delighted to be allowed to play around with the Iron Man character in his 2016 novel The Gauntlet. For theatre, he has written scripts for the musicals The Lords of Love and Noël, and the plays Holy Mary, Dustin The Turkey’s Comeback Vehicle, and My Real Life. His latest books are The Fowl Twins and Highfire, a fantasy novel for big children.  
Lissa Evans is the author of five novels for adults, including Their Finest Hour and a Half  (filmed in 2017 as ‘Their Finest’, starring Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton), Crooked Heart (longlisted for the Baileys Prize), and Old Baggage (a #1 Times bestseller, and shortlisted for the Bollinger Prize for Comic Fiction).   
She has also written three books for children: Small Change for Stuart, Big Change for Stuart, and Wed Wabbit. Both Small Change and Wed Wabbit were shortlisted for the Costa Award and the Carnegie Medal.
Before becoming a writer, Lissa initially studied medicine, but later worked in radio and television comedy, where she produced and directed numerous series, including  ‘Room 101’ and ‘Father Ted’.  

Welcome to the Writers' Weekend

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