2021 Writers' Weekend Competition Winners

Congratulations to all! We will contact you within the next two weeks to deliver your prizes! If you requested feedback, it will be sent to you by 3 July.

Flash Fiction Competition

1st place – ‘The Lighter’ by Emmanuel Lachlan
2nd place – ‘My Best Friend’s Best Friend’ by Stacey Taylor
3rd place – ‘Jean-Clad Derrier’ by Dabi Olu-Odugbemi

Highly Commended – ‘Mist’ by Belinda Wallace
Highly Commended – ‘Match.com’ by Laura Fletcher
Highly Commended – ‘Back to Normal’ by Debbie Longstaff

Writing for Children Competition

1st place – ‘Peregrine Quinn and the Cosmic Realm’ by Ash Bond
2nd place – ‘Girl, Elephant, War’ by Chrissy Sturt
3rd place – ‘Things I Learned While I Was Dead’ by Kathryn Clark

Highly Commended – ‘Little Lessons’ by Courtney Kerrigan-Bates
Highly Commended – ‘Witchfire’ by Claire Watts
Highly Commended – ‘The Memory Tree’ by Heather Davey

Writing Magazine and Writers’ Weekend Short Story Competition

1st place – ‘Noctuary’ by Deborah Hugill
2nd place – ‘Gemma Emma’ by Deborah J Smith
3rd place – ‘Isaac Falls in Love’ by James Stafford

Highly Commended – ‘Golden Time’ by Rachel Beresford-Davies
Highly Commended – ‘Lying for Love’ by Helen Parker
Highly Commended – ‘Joe Cortana’ by David Sinclair

Little Tiger Picture Book Competition

1st place – ‘Holey Moley’ by Bethan Clarke
2nd place – ‘Bogglet’s Burp Day’ by Claire Lewis
3rd place – ‘Saturday Knight Fever’ by Stephen Rogers

Highly Commended – ‘Shhh! Shhh! Sleepy Ship!’ by Meredith Vigh
Highly Commended – ‘The Rescue of Rocky Rose’ by Stephen James
Highly Commended – ‘Space Safari’ by Maria Christou

Arvon Opening of a Novel Competition

1st place – ‘Things I Learned While I Was Dead’ by Kathryn Clark
2nd place – ‘We Are Night’ by Nina Cullinane
3rd place – ‘Spelltinker’ by Rachel Chaundler

Highly Commended – ‘Such Stuff as Dreams’ by Elizabeth Fowler
Highly Commended – ‘Revenants’ by Sara Lilley
Highly Commended – ‘Waterbirth’ by Kate Brock

Play to the Crowd and Playmakers Young Writers’ Competition

Ages 4 – 11 Category
1st place:  ‘The Adventures That I Dream of’ by Evangeline Colliver

Ages 12 – 16 Category
1st place:  ‘The Adventures That I Dream of’ by Esther Davey
2nd place: ‘Being Prime Minister For a Day!’ by Katie Peters

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