The auction has ended and we're delighted to announce the winners!

#1 Defying the Tyranny of the Blank Page – Holly B.
#2 Mechanical Flying Box – Laura A.
#3 Mournful Eye – Laura A.
#4 Chris and his Crayola crayons – Georgina L.
#5 Klaus Fluger and Mr Underbed – Mark B.
#6 The Naughty Drawer – Georgina L.
#7 Doodling While Talking on the Phone – Lynn S.
#8 Pastel Pencils and Sharpening with a Scalpel – Emma M.
#9 Alice’s Law – Mark B.
#10 sold
#11 Political Cartoons on Fridays – Zoe C.
#12 Hatt Mancock – Laura A.
#13 Platypus and Penguin – Kim W.
#14 The Unicorn – Laura A.
#15 Chris Riddell Self-portrait – Mark B.

Thanks to all who bid, we have raised £670 from this auction for the National Literacy Trust!  Thank you!

Bidding is now closed.  Winners will be contacted shortly with details on how to pay.

Award-winning author and illustrator, Chris Riddell, gave a hugely enjoyable illustrated keynote talk at the 2021 Writers’ Weekend, during which he explained his writing and drawing process, shared his sketchbooks and explained how his sketches inspire his work.  We were amazed by the delightful sketches that he produced while speaking and were thrilled that he has sent us the originals to share with you!

We have decided to hold a silent auction so that you can own an original drawing by Chris Riddell.  All proceeds will be given to the National Literacy Trust to aid their work in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.  You can read about their important work on their website

And as a special perk, all auction winners will also receive a video-recording of Chris Riddell’s keynote, theirs to keep, in which he draws the sketches! Scroll down to see how the Silent Auction will work and thank you for your support!

  • Sketches are on A4 80 GSM paper
  • The sketches are the actual drawings that Chris Riddell created during his talk on 27 June, 2021.
  • Each sketch is signed by Chris Riddell
  • All auction winners also receive a video-recording of Chris Riddell’s talk, during which he sketches all of the sketches in the auction. The recording is theirs to keep and does not expire.
  • The auction has now closed.

How the Silent Auction will work:

  1.  Please choose which drawings you’d like to bid on.
  2. Click on the ‘Bid Here’ button
  3. Register, select the sketches that you’d like to bid on and enter the bid amounts for each sketch. 
  4. This is a closed bid auction. You will not be able to see what others have bid, so please enter your very best bid. (Please give generously. All proceeds go to the National Literacy Trust)
  5. All bids will be in Pounds Sterling
  6. The starting bid for each sketch is £5. Bids must be in increments of £1 (whole numbers)
  7. The winners will be announced on Wednesday, 1 September on our website (First name and first initial of surname), and will be contacted by the Writers’ Weekend.
  8. Winners will be sent a payment form to pay by credit card or by bank transfer.
  9. VAT is included in the bid price.
  10. Winners will be charged an additional £2 for shipping within the UK. If shipping abroad, we will discuss the shipping cost before shipping.
  11. Sketches will be sent to winners upon payment.
  12. If there are duplicate high bids on a sketch, the high bidders will be contacted for a second round of bidding. The highest bidder in the second round will be the winner of that sketch.
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